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Jicara Decorada para Shango / Gourd

Jicara Decorada para Shango / Gourd

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This Shango-decorated gourd is approximately 4 inches in circumference and is adorned with beads. The top features small guinea snails and the bottom has three snails for stability. It also has a layer of varnish inside and out for added durability.

This gourd is adorned for Shango and measures approximately 4 inches in circumference. It is also embellished with beads and features a top ring crafted with mini cowries. Three shell legs at the base provide stability, and the entire piece is coated with high gloss epoxy for optimal preservation.   ALL ORISHAS AND PATHS ARE AVAILABLE. SELECT AT CHECKOUT. TODOS LOS ORICHAS Y CAMINOS ESTAN DISPONIBLE. SELECCIONE AL HACER SU ORDEN.


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